Krystalle Glosser

Krystalle Glosser

Disciplines and Specialties

Jumpers, Hunters, Equitation, and Sales

About Krystalle

Krystalle has worked with everything from young horses to top jumpers, hunters, and equitation horses and students, and has a comprehensive understanding of teaching methods that have proven successful from novice riders to Grand Prix. Her goal is to help develop her students as horsemen and bring their goals to fruition. Proper care of your horse’s mind and body are of the utmost importance, and Krystalle takes pride in the meticulous work of her staff and herself both in and out of the ring. Krystalle’s training techniques focus on developing a program best suited to each horse’s capabilities and work to strengthen the fitness and confidence of both horse and rider in order to perform at their best. Wildfox Farm also operates a sales program, which has been increasingly successful, and we are thrilled that all horses that have been placed are competing with great success with their new programs.

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